What Draws You Closer To God?

img_0375What draws you closer to God during the good and not so good moments? God wants us all the time and waits for us wherever we are regardless how we feel. He also provides many opportunities to encounter Him. When I see a sunset or sunrise, I drop everything to see it. My family jokes with me because I literally chase the sun…The other day, I sensed God tell me that the sunrise was going to be beautiful and to make sure I looked for it. I dropped everything and ran to the beach with an inner excitement that I can’t express. When I arrived at the beach I felt peace, love, comfort… as if I was sitting in my Father’s arms. It was such a comforting feeling. I realized in that moment, this is it… I need to make more time for this. Yes, it was a beautiful sunrise but what I need more is drawing closer to Him and receiving His blessing. I wonder where you will find opportunities in your lifetime draw you closer to God? Whether through nature, church, small groups, bible studies, prayer group, classes, community and many more to mention. He is everywhere and wants to grow our relationship with Him. God, our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to sit and rest in His arms.

Ruth Wilkins

Director Of Adult Programs



2 thoughts on “What Draws You Closer To God?”

  1. Beautiful! So comforting to know that God is everywhere, always with us and always desiring to hold us in His arms. We just need to pause and receive His blessing.


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